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DIY Organization for the Barn


Ideas for Organization

After perusing the internet for some quality DIY barn tips, I’ve rounded up some of the best DIY projects that focus on reusing items you might have around the property or items that can be purchased cheaper than store-bought versions of the same item. I ordered this post so that common areas for organization (such as the tack room or garage) are featured with possible projects written below.

Saddle Racks/Tack Room: Organization isn't always cheap. In particular, keeping your tack room organized and looking in tip-top shape can be pricey. Saddle racks can run you right around one-hundred bucks a pop for a complete stand with storage space on the underside of the rack. Multi-saddle racks often run between two and four-hundred dollars. Although, if you are looking for something both convenient and classy, places like Stateline Tack (or Red Barn Equine Outfitters if you are near Lebanon, PA) might have the ones for you. If you are looking for something that reduces waste or you want an affordable weekend project, these DIY saddle racks might be for you. Take a look...

Tool Organization: Whether it's PVC nailed to the wall, a pallet cut in half, or upcycled horseshoes helping keep your rakes and shovels organized, you should be pleased to know that organizing your barn equipment and hand tools is probably only a few steps away.

PVC is a pretty popular go-to for any barn DIY projects because of it's widespread availability and comfortable price point (a.k.a it's cheap). Here, it's used to organize shovels, rakes, and other barn equipment.

Other items, like this old galvanized planter, can be repurposed as a hose rack. Bonus points: small items like cleaning brushes, extra hose nozzles, etc can be stored inside the bin. If you wanted to go the extra mile, places some hooks or nails on the interior of the bin so that you can hang wash rags or sponges. Get creative!

Training/ Various DIYs:

This is a DIY area where creativity can reign unchecked. Here are a list of items you might have lying around to get the gears turning...

  • logs

  • pool noodles (if not, you can find them at almost any dollar store)

  • milk crates

  • barrels/old trash cans/bins

  • fake flowers (again, these are a cheap option that you can uses for decoration on jumps or just to get the horses used to extra foliage)

  • milk cartons or gallon-sized plastic jugs

  • streamers/ribbon

  • rope

  • tires

  • tin-cans

  • old planters

...and whatever else you can think of...get creative!

If you have some of these lying around but need help getting a project started, take a peek at what other DIYers did. You can find some great resources below: - She's got some great tips on using some of the items I listed above. -Various Projects can be found here, too. This is a fairly popular go-to site for equestrians. Check out this great article on uses for old feed-sacks. They also have an extensive collection of DIY posts and tutorials, which you can find here.

Happy DIY-ing!