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Gen-Z's and their Innovation in the Horse World

Gen-Z riders, we’re keeping an eye on you! You’re keeping the horse world on it’s toes through your tech-savvy ways. You prove to us again and again that you are our up-and-coming business people, and will make some of the best horsemen and women yet. Each generation needs to work to keep the equestrian sport and it's notable sportsmanship alive and thriving. Gen-Z kids, you’re looking promising.

-Max Gourdet (

- Elisa Wallace Eventing (

Youtube also allows Gen-Z riders to populate the internet with riding vlogs, tutorials, and a smorgasbord of compilation videos that contribute to the overall education and unification of equestrians on the international level.

Once again, Gen Z uses current platforms in innovative ways to introduce new forms of media. YouTube in particular has become a hotspot for unique types of equestrian-related posts. New equipment, like Gopros, allows young equestrians to share their riding experience in a more immersive format through their YouTube channels like:

- Claire Eventing (

5. New Media

Up-and-coming saddle designs, tack companies that relish in intelligent engineering to colorful creations, and everything in-between (ahem, we’re one of those tack companies! #selfpromo #noshame). Companies like Just Jodz, Polos Over Bros, In Equine, Hillbetty Bliss, and K and T Creations all utilize young riders’ affinity for social media in cahoots with their love of horses to not only build a better company, but cultivate young entrepreneurs to further shape the horse world.

3. Equipment

New mobile apps are flooding the app stores that aid in everything from tracking your ride time to documenting your horse’s health info, to connecting you to nearby equestrians. Gen-Z kids really know their stuff when it comes to casual tech, and they’re using their knowledge to solve problems the horse world never even knew they had.

2. Tech

for some examples of teens taking to social media for some comedic relief.

@EquestrianLifeTPs on Tumblr at on Instagram

@shatequestrians on Instagram

Check out:

Gen-Z has taken to social media sites like Tumblr, Instagram, and Twitter to express their inner-comedian. They manage to express relatable experiences with the rest of the horse world which, at it’s best, can provide a sense of unification. That’s something equestrians seem to need a bit of help with right now, and bits of internet comedy can really lighten the mood on some tough subjects.

Gen-Z has participated in the growth and boom of the internet, and social media in particular. They have witnessed political uproar, inescapable tragedies, and financial burdens shake the world around them. They are snarky, witty, and committed to living life to the fullest (whatever that may mean to them). And now they are bringing that wit and experience to the horse world in some inventive ways.

Millennials have been on the minds of the media for years now. They’ve brought years of innovation to the table, igniting shifts in Western culture that make society question their ethics, diet, housing, spending habits, forms of communication, and overall way-of-life. They are apparently eliminating the demand for Kraft singles, destroying traditional forms of engaging in a meaningful conversation, and seem to be financially wrecked. So yes, Millennials give the media lots to talk about. But the world seems to be glazing over the fiery, opinionated, tech-savvy hooligans that compose perhaps the most intriguing generation of the last century (that’s what they all say, isn’t it?): Generation Z.