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Team Favorite: Coat Color

On the last edition of Team Favorite, we did favorite dog breeds. This time, as the title so rightly states, we did favorite equine coat colors! This was a fun one. Coat colors is so much fun to discuss. Especially the genetics behind them! I know the say "not to judge a book by its cover", but for this round, that's all we did!

#1 Coat Color was ALL OF THEM! We just couldn't decide with this poll. Out of all of the coat colors listed (around 20), no one could pick just one, so we picked all of them.

Hey, now we can all strive to get a horse of every color.

#2 coat color was sorrel/chestnut. This coat color is one of the reasons so many horses have the name, "Red", and rightly so. This coat color ranges in variations of dark red to a vibrant fiery orange color. Surprisingly, orange/red saddle pads do look good on red horses!

#3 coat color was all the variations of gray... 50 shades of gray anyone? Nah? Alright! One of the hardest coat colors to keep clean, the gray comes in at number 3. Gray horses can come in a variety of shades, dapple gray, mouse gray, fleabitten gray, "white" or light gray.

#4 coat color was all the variations of roans! Roans are red, some roans are blue, there are so many out there because they can vary in hue! Blue roans, red roans, bay roans, strawberry roans, etc. There's one for every person!

#5 coat color was all the shades of bay. Bay can sometimes be seen as the "plain Jane" coat color, because there are so many out there, but you can sneak new bay horses home in your herd, and most likely, your significant other will not notice... mwahahaha.

#6 was the paint/pinto category! I threw these together because they are a lot alike, and most people just really love the loudness. Yes, there is a difference. All paints are pintos, but not all pintos are paints!

#7 was the buckskin/dun horses. There is a difference between the two, but to an untrained eye, they would be the same coat color; therefore, they are put into the same category. We all fell in love with Spirit when we were little. This category is dedicated to him!

#8 coat color was black. This is actually my personal favorite of all the coat colors (thought I've never owned one!). The Black Beauty, black stallion, ol' gentle black, etc. This coat color has been used for years in main stream medias such as novels and movies. I can see why.

Some honorable mentions (mostly because they were all tied) were champagne, all appaloosa patterns, palominos, silver/black/bay dapples, grullo, seal brown, and perlino!

Now, enjoy some cute horsey pictures just for fun!