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Equestrian Gift Guide

It's that time of the year! Presents galore. Black Friday Shopping! Too much money spent... Ah, my favorite time of the year.

The equestrian is an elusive species... they aren't your typical "gift receiver" as they aren't interested in Wal-mart gift cards or cutesy t-shirts or fruit cakes (I'm sure there are some out there that are, but ya know...). They are into horsey things. GASP.

What in the world do you gift someone who is into horsey things? Please, please, please don't say My Little Pony. PLEASE. Just a PSA, just because it's a horse, does not mean it's the right gift for an equestrian! You don't have to know everything about horses to gift an equestrian! This handy list will help you pick out something (or several somethings) for that equestrian in your life!


  • Equestrians love tack. Like they LOVE tack. They will not refuse tack! Tack can be expensive, but it's so worth it. Especially if you go custom (such as all the products here at K and T!).

  • Halters are my #1 go to for presents.

  • Don't be afraid to ask what size the person's horse wears. Cob, Pony, Horse, Draft, Large, Medium, etc. can be overwhelming to guess on, so it's best just to ask.

  • Customize! Halters with name plates or woven names are amazing and heart felt gifts!

  • If you don't want to gift just a halter, get a matching lead rope. Lead ropes are always needed!

  • Get something fun! Bonnets (always ask what size!) are a good gift.

  • Especially the themed ones (Christmas, Easter, Halloween). We equestrians love dressing our equines up for the holidays!

  • Bonnets can be tricky to size right, so maybe coordinate with your horsey friend to make things go more smoothly.

  • Depending on the brand, bonnets can be cheaper than most of the other tack items.

  • If you want to "go big or go home" get a matching tack set.

  • Ask what your equestrian's favorite color is, or what their favorite color combination is.

  • Typically, a tack set will include bridle, reins, breast collar, but you can add a halter/lead, saddle pad, wither strap, etc.

  • Tack sets can be nylon, paracord (think K and T!), leather, etc.

  • Ask if there's anything your equestrian needs. Maybe they need a new bit, saddle pad or reins (check out K and T's pretty collection of those!).


  • Equestrians go through clothes like no tomorrow. Whether it be breeches, polos, flannels, t-shirts, jeans, socks, etc., equestrians are always in need of some type of clothing item!

  • Socks!

  • I know I personally go through a lot of socks from walking so much. The wear and tear on socks is phenomenal.

  • Fuzzy socks, boot socks, or ankle socks. Equestrians don't mind! All are better than none.

  • K and T carries some boot socks! Go check 'em out!

  • Breeches/riding pants/jeans are ALWAYS a good thing!

  • Coordinate with your equestrian on these. They can be a bit pricey, so make sure you know the correct size/color/waist type!

  • There are tons of brands out there. Just google search "riding breeches" and go from there!

  • You can even coordinate breeches to match a halter/lead set!

  • Jeans are always good for us Western riders. Again, it might be best to coordinate with your equestrian on these, but that's up to you.

  • Shirts, shirts, shirts!

  • We love shirts! Especially those with cute horse sayings on them. Don't be afraid to get a lil cheesy with it!

  • T-shirts, polos, flannels, heck even tank tops. Equestrians ride in anything!

  • Even a nice winter jacket or fleece jacket would be nice!

Horsey treats.

  • Horses love treats and we equestrians love giving them treats! Treats are awesome stocking stuffers!

  • Google "horse treats" and I'm sure you will stumble upon dozens of different kinds. You can always ask your equestrian if you aren't for sure!

  • I personally enjoy giving my horses MannaPro (all flavors), Stud Muffins, and Standlee. There are other great ones out there, I just haven't tried 'em yet.

  • You can always get a LikIt or stall treat as well for fun!

  • There are recipes out there to make your own treats too! (I might blog some of those on a future date!).

Rider Treats.

  • We may be "obsessed" with our horses, but we still love our Starbucks, grocery shopping, books, etc.

  • Gift cards to your equestrian's favorite coffee-place or goodie store can be fun and easy to obtain.

  • You can also make snacks for your equestrian!

  • Cookies, mints, fudge, etc. all are go to treats.

  • Don't be afraid to try something new (within reason).

  • Buy them a coffee or a meal from their favorite restaurant around Christmas time!

  • Sit them down and talk about their horsey world. They will spew lots and lots of information which can help you get gifts later.

Stable Gifts.

  • Depending on whether or not your equestrian boards/owns/pastures their horse, this may or may not be a good idea.

  • Get them a stall sign.

  • There are so many different versions out there. Some have just the name of the equine while others include health information and owner's numbers!

  • Be cute, creative or practical when coming up with stall signs.

  • Stall games for the horse!

  • ​I had mentioned LikIt treats earlier in the blog, but there are other options for stable gifts.

  • You can get jolly balls. There are so may different kinds out there!

  • Mirrors work too. Especially if the equestrian's horse is in quarantine after being moved. Horses love seeing their reflection!

  • You can get a complete grooming kit!

  • Brushes are always getting lost.

  • These can come in specific colors or even be customized!

Personalized Items.

  • These are my absolute favorite gifts. You can do so, so much with personalized gifts, it isn't funny!

  • Coffee mugs.

  • Get a mug for your equestrian with a picture of their horse, or a picture of them and their horse together!

  • Make it cute and fun!

  • Blankets!

  • ​I've been seeing this more and more. Get a fleece blanket and monogram it!

  • You can also put pictures on small fleece blankets through certain stores! Get a picture of their horse and make it into a blanket, it will be greatly appreciated!

  • Pick out an ornament!

  • There are so many places out there to find good horse related ornaments. You can even customize them!

  • Go to Painted Flanks on Facebook and check out their custom work as well.

  • Hallmark carries some horsey themed ones, or hit your local feed/tack store!

Gift Cards.

  • Tack stores, grocery stores, feed stores, etc. are your best options for gift cards.

  • Tack stores especially are amazing gift cards.

  • If there is a tack store within reasonable distance of you, get a gift card!

  • Don't be afraid to do online tack stores! There are plenty to pick from.

  • Feed stores are also amazing.

  • Your equestrian can do so much with feed store gift cards.

  • First off, they can buy feed which is so important, but it also gives them a chance to stock up on certain food items.

  • Favorite place to eat/dine

  • Sometimes it's easier to go through the drive through after a long, hot day with the equines than going home and cooking.

  • This will always be appreciated!

  • Gas card!

  • If your equestrian boards their horses, this can be super helpful with all of the traveling.

  • This also helps if your equestrian shows horses. There's no guarantee they'll make any money, but at least there's a guarantee someone will be happy!


  • There are so many gifts that fall into this category. You can gift your normal presents or try for something different.

  • Get them office supplies!

  • Sharpies, pens, pencils, etc. Go fancy if you want to. I use a BUNCH of sharpies and such out at the barn on my calendar, so I'm always restocking my supply.

  • Get a mini dry erase board.

  • This can be used for soooooo many things it's not even funny! Keeping track of feedings, farrier/vet schedules, notes on health, etc.

  • Bridle charms or key-chains.

  • This may seem a bit boring, but it's a good stocking stuffer!

  • Get it customized if you want. They're cute and go with basically anything!

  • Key-chains are always needed!

  • Cash.

  • ​Cold, hard cash. This is a good gift if you're out of ideas or your equestrian says they don't need anything.

  • This will go to their horse for sure. Farrier/vet/hay! Who knows what it will end up going for, but it will be appreciated.

This touches on the basics of gifting an equestrian! Don't be afraid to reach out and ask an equestrian what they need/want! Don't be afraid to give cash either. It will go straight for hay/grain/vet bills!

Do something for their other hobbies too. If they're into books, get them books. If they're into gaming, get them a game or a gift card. Ask if you don't know!

Have fun getting into the merry spirit and shopping. Check out those Black Friday Deals or Cyber Monday Deals!