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Featured Rider: Ashley Pletcher

Ashley Pletcher is a professionally sponsored rider of K and T Creations LLC. She is a professional trick rider and owns her own company!

"I am a professional trick rider and Roman rider," Ashley said. "My company is called Keystone Equine Entertainment and Training LLC and I am based out of Thomasville, NC. I travel all year round and work a lot out of Altoona, PA and Sarasota, FL as well."

Ashley not only works in the rodeo and circus industry traveling all over the country, she also does training clinics and private lessons!

"I actually met Kevin and Taylor when I lived in Tyrone, PA," Ashley said. "Taylor took some Dressage lessons from me on one of my horses named Dakota. Kevin always came with her to her lessons and they even took a few together! They started taking lessons just before they started K&T Creations and we have stayed in contact and became good friends in the process."

Ashley has been riding horses since she was 8 years old which totals to 17 years of riding.

"I started western and did a lot of endurance and competitive trail riding," Ashley explained. "When I was around 13-14 years old, I started in the English world and did a lot of Hunter/Jumpers, Dressage, and Equitation."

"I then landed a job working for Jennie Jackson who is a Gaited Horse Dressage and All Around Trainer in Cookeville, TN," Ashley continued. "I spent my summers breaking horses and training with her and then was her featured youth rider at the 2010 All-tech FEI World Equestrian Games in Lexington, KY."

"Along with all the general horsemanship training and showing I was doing," Ashley said. "I met a trainer named Tommie Turvey at the Cook Forest Scenic Trail Rides in Clarion, PA. Tommie is owner of "Equine Extremist" and I started working with him learning about trick training, liberty, and Roman riding."

When Ashley turned 17, she moved to Sterling, Illinois. She began interning for Tommie and his sister, Karen Turvey-Marshall.

"During my internship I learned so much about trick training, liberty, trick riding, and Roman riding along with traveling with horses on the road," Ashley said. "When I turned 21, I used all the skills and lessons that I had learned over the years to start my own company that has been going strong for 4 and a half years now."

Ashley does not show horses, but she does have students who do. She only performs and teaches.

"This past year I performed in the circus with the troupe called "The Alanian Riders" in Circus Flora in St. Louis, MO; Indiana State Fair's "Step Right Up" Circus in Indianapolis, IN; and in the Silver Dollar City Wild West Show in Branson, MO.," Ashley said. "Over all, I have done around 170 shows with the circus this past year. I also do my own acts in rodeos and I am the 2018 Specialty Act of the Year for the Southern Rough Stock Association (SRSA) Finals Rodeo this coming Novemer 16-17 in Lebanon, TN."

"I love to perform and teach," Ashley explained. "My body will only hold up so long for all of this trick riding as it is hard and demanding on your body. In the long run, I would love to have a school that teaches all the aspects of the entertainment industry with horses. I am starting to work on this as in the next 3-5 years I would love to have it up and running and I am looking at staying based out of the Carolina's."

Ashley has three of her own horses!

"Magua is a 10 year old Pinto that is my main guy," Ashley said. "I use Magua for trick riding in the rodeo and circus. He is also my right side horse in my Roman riding team as well. He also does basic liberty, and a few tricks as well!"

"Dakota is a 19 year old Paint Cross," Ashley explained. "Dakota excels in Dressage and is also my left side horse in my Roman riding team. He loves liberty work and tricks as well. Dakota is a great all around horse for any type of riding."

"Axle is an 8 year old Mini Horse," Ashley said. "He is about 23 inches tall and full of attitude! He does many tricks such as bowing, laying down, getting on his pedestal, shaking his head yes and no, smiling, sneezing, marching, counting, rearing and so much more!"

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