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The Best Apps Around

Apps... I don't mean Appaloosas, I mean APPS. The things on your phone you either download or can't get rid of (ya know, our phones don't need that extra space). Typically, your ride wouldn't revolve around your phone. You. Your horse. Saddle (or bareback). Just peace. Well, what if an app could help you with your ride or help keep track of how you ride? Well, there's an app for that.

Here we go! A list of our favorite apps for equestrians!

  • First up is Huufe. It is free (unless you want more features).

  • This app lets you create individual horse profiles.

  • This includes: height, age, weight, vet stuffs, etc.

  • You can also track your training/rides

  • I think it's awesome! You can see how far you've gone and what your ride looked like.

  • If you pay for the premium, you can also keep track of your of your barn and many other options.

  • It is easy to use and compatible with most devices!

  • Second up is Equilab.

  • This app lets you track your ride, and share your ride with your team mates or trainers.

  • It shows your speed, average speed, distance, etc.

  • It also shows how much energy is consumed by both rider and horse!

  • You will need an updated phone. Some may not work.

  • Equine United is our third place app.

  • This app lets you reach out to other local professionals.

  • Farriers, vets, dentists, etc.

  • Easy to use and very helpful finding new professionals.

  • Also can be used to find boarding places. So, if you ever want to move, Equine United has your back!

  • HorseNotes is fourth on our list.

  • This isn't the most highly rated app, but it does come in handy.

  • You can track EVERYTHING from deworming to farrier schedules.

  • It includes a LIVE calendar that shows everything that's coming up in the month!

  • It also sends automatic email reminders!

  • Our final app is Horse Side Vet Guide!

  • It is available on both android and apple devices!

  • If you have a question about anything regarding lameness, health checks, and illnesses, this is the app for you.

  • It is also a website!