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Happy Father's Day

The above picture is of my father and I when I was pretty young reading the 'funnies' in the newspaper. There aren't many pictures of him and I with horses, but he's been there every step of the way.

On this Father's Day, take the time to thank your "Horse Dad" for everything he's done for you. There's always that funny story of the "Horse Dad". The one who "holds the horse and hands over the money", but in reality those "horse dads" are much more than that.

They're the big bear hugs and stern talking to's when the horse show isn't going just as you planned.

They're the quick runs to the ice cream truck while you hurriedly tack your horse for the next class.

They're the pick me ups after no class goes right.

They're the know-how-to-fix-it-all when the trailer just doesn't seem to want to hitch up this time.

They're the person you can go to when your horse throws a shoe, and you are afraid its hoof is going to be bruised to pieces (of course, he then calls the farrier out and all is well).

They're the person you run to when the soon-to-be next love of your life lets you down for the final time.

They're the never-ending encyclopedia of ideas to try when you've run out of ideas.

They're the hero(s) for all the little girls and boys.

They're the 'don't tell mom' when you both know she'd give you a stern talking to for what you're about to do.

They're the 'well if you really want to' type who will grumble, but willingly oblige in the end.

They're the horse holders, mechanical fixers, walking encyclopedias, talk givers, and most importantly, fathers.

Happy Father's Day to all those "Horse Dads" out there who get the rep of being the guy who "holds the horse and hands over the money". We all love and appreciate you. Kick back and enjoy this day for your own good, unless of course, there's another horse show this weekend.