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Happy Mother's Day!

It’s not often I get to write a blog post for my own blog, but I believe this is a special occasion- Mother’s Day.

When I told my blog writer I wanted to do this post, I started formulating how I was going to execute it. I was going to start with some heartwarming quote and then I was going to post cute pics of my mom and I. But, alas, I decided that wasn’t going to work.

Why? Because my mom and all of the other moms I know are more than just some heartfelt quote. They are empowering, beautiful superhero women who don’t get the daily credit they deserve. They are more than a “happy Mother’s Day!” and definitely more than a worn out saying on the inside of a greeting card. They are fighters and defenders. They give the best pep talks and push you when you need pushed the most.

My mom’s the best mom there is. She is a doer, a problem solver, and pretty much the coolest person I know. Best thing she ever gave me? Her strong-willed personality. My favorite memory of us? Literally every single day when I call her…all 17 times. Sometimes we don’t even talk…we just enjoy each other’s silent company. Enjoy this cute picture of the two of us below.

(Also check out this cute pic of my mom on her pony as a child.)

I even had a team member agree that my mom is the best mom ever. (That’s what you get when you let your sister be an ambassador for you.) Check out what she said about our mom:

“She’s the best mom because she’s works endlessly to ensure that you and I are happy. Our favorite thing to do together is to go jeeping, go shopping, and go to Gettysburg. My favorite thing she has ever given me is my Jeep. My favorite memory is when your mice got out their cages and mom jumped on the counter and called you and freaked out on you.”

^Thanks Rachel. Please enjoy a photo of those two.

Some of my other team members would argue that their mom is the best mom ever. Let’s see what some of them have to say: (*some are edited for clarity)

Sophia Belisle:

My mom is the best because no matter how insane I've been she has stayed with me and made me continue what I started. She has supported me in anything to do with horses. My favorite thing has to be cuddling in bed and watching CSI. Or maybe it's going to eat pizza in a park and watch the dog agility class?😂 either way they are my favorite things! Favorite thing she has ever given me? It's a cheesy answer but... She gave me life. Without her I would not have existed and had the amazing opportunities I do now. My favorite memory is from when I was 6 or 7. It was Christmas eve, and we had to go pick up something from the grocery store. I wore my cowboy hat, boots, a old barn jacket and sweatpants. I thought I was so cool! I begged her to take a picture of my next to our truck, and as she did I kept picturing that i was a barrel racer, and when I told her that she said "well. I'll help you make it happen."

Zoe Dehaan:

My mom(s) are the best. Being adopted I am blessed to have 2 moms. Both are such incredible women and i’m proud to call myself a daughter of each. Both are my #1 support systems and encourage me to do everything I can dream of. My favorite thing to do with my adopted mom is go to horse shows together. believe it or not, the countless hours of screaming at each other trying to get things together is worth it once we get to our goal❤️ My favorite thing with my birthmom is spend whatever time i can with her which isn’t very much but what little bit I get is so worth it!! My favorite thing my mom has given me is definitely my horse😉😂 My favorite memory with my mom is fair week because her and my best friends mom always try to make us laugh by dressing alike every day😂

Mykaela Palleschi:

My mom is the best mom because she is very supportive of my riding, our favourite thing to do together is when she rides pirate and I give her a mini lesson, my favourite thing my mom has given me is probably good food, she always makes sure there is food in the fridge! My favourite memory of my mom was when we met Hawley Bennett at the Land Rover Kentucky three day event because she was sort of fan girling and so was I so we were both really happy and excited!

Skylar Wise

My mom has supported me with every hobby and sport I have even had. She gives great advice. We both struggle with mental illness, so whenever I take about my struggles or problems she gets it and understands where I’m coming from. We do get in a lot of arguments due to being too much a like I think. She always pushes me to do better (in a good way) and always helps me keep a positive attitude. She also has 3 jobs, talk about inspiring! My mom and I don’t see each other a lot, despite me living with her 100% of the time. When we are together we usually eat dinner and watch either Dr. Phil or Forensic files. A favorite thing my mom has given me is life and a physical thing would be allowing me to get a horse. She paid $150 towards him and I paid the rest. I was 3 months premature, on oxygen, and honestly only had about a 30% survival rate. She drove over an hour everyday to see me in the hospital and I am happy to be here today 100% healthy. I also got into horses late. So I don’t have as many opportunities as others have had. My favorite memory with my mom is when we went to Rochester, MN to watch my billet brothers play their last junior hockey game. We went with my friend and her mom as well. It was super fun.

Cate Byard:

My mom is the best because she is incredibly strong and determined. She keeps me focused and prepared for everything that life throws our way. My favorite thing to do with my mom is to go on trail rides together. My favorite thing that my mom gave me was my love of horses. She taught me how to ride and installed this crazy obsession in me before I could even walk. My favorite memory of me and my mom would probably have to be the last time I fell off my horse. Callie stopped halfway over a cross country jump, and I flew threw the air. She then backed up, tore down the whole fence, and galloped off across the field. My mom asked if I was ok, and after I said yes, she took off sprinting across the field. I lay there on the ground watching my little 5'1" mom sprint after my 16 hand thoroughbred, and I found that to be one of the funniest things I've ever witnessed. She successfully caught my horse and brought her back to me, but she definitely was not as amused as I was.

Ava Crow: My mom is the best because she does a ton of things for me & my family! She holds it all together! My favorite thing to do with her is anything horse related. (Horse show, tack shop, etc.) My favorite thing my mom has given me is definitely life, lol. Fav memory... That’s a hard one but probably one of my horse shows, don’t have a certain one but we always have fun at them, and also probably trail rides my fam goes to as well.

Needless to say, we’ve got some pretty cool mom influences in our lives. Make sure you do something special for yours this weekend to show her just how great she is! (And if you need some gift ideas, check out our new collection of goat soap on our website!)

To moms everywhere, thanks for all you do. We love you and wouldn’t be who we are today without you!

-Taylor Hoover

Owner of K and T Creations LLC