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The Votes Are In: Top 3 Favorite Saddle Brands

PESSOA: Pessoa saddles offer carbon fiber trees which have a wider range of movement and allow the saddle to adhere to the horse and form to the rider in order to attain what Pessoa refers to as the perfect position. Check out there newest models here:

VOLTAIRE: A new company that launched in 2010, Voltaire offers a convenient range of high-quality saddles featuring the "Palm Beach", "Adelaide", and "Lexington" just to name a few. Their website, Voltaire Design, is easy to navigate and offers a 360 degree view of each saddle. Voltaire Design boasts a team of accomplished riders, including Beezie Madden, Hope Glynn, and Oliver Townend. Check them out here:

BATES: Bates Saddles offer a variety of Jumping, Dressage, and all-purpose saddles for show and everyday riding. Their saddles are often randomly selected, then "subjected to a series of intensive tests on durability and workmanship." Bates provides an optional recessed stirrup bar, and (check this out!) movable stirrup bars to ensure riders can adjust their stirrups to their "optimum position." Their product line consists of a wide range of saddles , including a high-performance saddle called the "Kimberley". As with every saddle, personal preference is a top priority when choosing yours. Bates Saddles have changed saddles over the years, so each model has a signature feel. Go ahead and give one a whirl!

Find them here: