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A March to April Challenge (March 25-April 1)

The last week of March is here, which means we are already about a quarter through 2018...time flies! Time is really good at flying. But do you know what I'm good at? I'm not sure. What am I good at? Reading the newspaper? Drinking an entire water 16 fl. oz water bottle in under ten seconds? Compiling awesome spotify playlists? Cleaning stalls? This is something I think about pretty often, especially when I'm feeling particularly down. Whenever I think about what I'm good at, I either get a good laugh out of it (I'm definitely the master of song compilation ;) ) or I end up thinking about how thankful I am to those that have sacrificed their time and money for my own education. Even better, I think about how I can use my talents to help others, to explore new opportunities, and expose my weaknesses. Said thoughts brought me to what I call the March to April Challenge.

What it is: The March to April Challenge is a challenge brought to you by K and T. It is supposed to be a challenge that introduces you to a new healthy habit.

What to do: Simply pick one thing you would like to improve on. It can be anything. Maybe it's being more helpful to those around you, maybe it's about growing your patience, or maybe it's about improving canter transitions with your horse. The list is endless, but we of course like to see equestrians and animal lovers pick something related to their field of interest.

After you've picked what you'd like to focus on, there's only one thing you need to do. Write down (or record) three things each morning.

1. Big Goal. This is what you want to accomplish by April 1st! There are no rules for this...just make sure you are setting yourself up for success by setting an attainable goal.

2. Small goal: In the morning or evening, set aside just 5-10 minutes to establish what small goal you want to achieve as part of a building block to the big goal. For instance, if your goal was to have better canter transitions, you might aim to have a relaxed seat by the end of the day by stretching before your ride. That way, the next time you ride, you can work on improving your relaxed seat while adding a new daily goal that will become your center-of-attention (ex: clearer aids).

3. Communicate! Let us know what you're doing to achieve your goal in the comments or on social media with the hashtag #MarchtoAprilChallenge.

Best of Luck!