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Keeping It Creative: Aspiring Businesses for the Animal Lover

One of my favorite things to do is scour the 'gram, facebook, and other social media outlets to find the best of the up and coming artists. There's always something encouraging about seeing someone pursue their passions, and then care so deeply about it that they share it with the rest of the world too. The artists' I've picked not only have a beautiful feed, but they have something precious to offer to the equine and livestock world. Check them out!

1. Pop Your Pup:

Pop Your Pup is a unique way to take your pets with you wherever you go. With all types of clothing, you can be sure you'll find something suitable for you! They have ample examples on their instagram page, and from the looks of it, they do a fantastic job at capturing each pet's personality. Give them a look if you haven't already! (Photo Credit to popyourpup)

2. By Magic Handmade

Talk about attention to detail! By Magic Handmade introduces your favorite animals with a fun twist: they are hand felted! Each animal is felted with attention to stature, coloration, expression, and conformation. Imagine a soft, felt version of your favorite animal companion. By Magic Handmade can make it happen! (Photo Credit to By Magic Handmade)

3. Unforgoatable Goods

One of K-and-T's very own: Sabrina Dobbins began putting her goats to good use ;). Her soaps are decadent in texture and appeal to anyone looking for a creamy soap that's safe for the skin. She's hosting a giveaway RIGHT NOW, so enter while you can (and check out that pun)!

4. My Pet Canva

My Pet Canva does a wonderful job at preserving your pet's personality between the threads of blankets, canvases, and other mediums. Both their style and customers are spunky and colorful!

5. Equine.Rampaige

This artist is not only a joy to follow, but she creates unique interpretations of different horses every single day. Each one has it's one personality and truly pops off the screen. She works hard to giver her followers just what their looking for in a painting. She's a gem!

6. Iess.Art

Check out that nose!

Julie Ferris brings her talents to the instagram world with grace and poise. Her work is not only intricate, but expressive. She is constantly improving and evolving her artwork; don't miss out on the opportunity to order a token of artwork! (Photo Credit to Julie Ferris)

7. PaperRocketStudio


Looking for something that's going to get everyday use? Look no further. This etsy shop allows you to create the design you wish, then place it on the cover of the notebook of your choice. It's a great way to stay organized and stay motivated throughout your week.

Shop Small and have a great weekend, everyone!