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Arthritis in Horses: Part 2 of 3

Types of Arthritis:

Degenerative Joint Disease (DJD) is the notorious chronic arthritis the many horse people know and despise. Degenerative Joint Disease occurs simply because of prolonged use of the joints. (You can more about DJD in horses here:

Septic Arthritis is an acute onset of arthritis that is caused by an injury or infection. Infections near joints are often the culprits of Septic Arthritis. Foals, in particular, are susceptible to Septic Arthritis because of their developing immune systems. (More can be found here:

While both types of Arthritis present similar symptoms (See Part 1 here), treatment varies. "Treatment" can be more accurately called "management". Arthritis, thus far, is relatively incurable. Just as I promised, however, this does not indicate a total cessation of work or progress for your animal! Quincy and Anna Miller of K and T Creations are learning to work through Equine Arthritis to provide the best experience for each other. More on that next week!