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Team Member Feature: Alyssa Worth

Alyssa Worth is one of K and T's much-loved newbies. For this week's blog, I decided to have her introduce herself. She's got a beautiful array of animal companions, and we are glad to have her and other lovely people added to the team!

"Hello, my name is Alyssa Worth. I'm 17 years old and currently live in Central VA. I was born into the horse world. My mom use to race Standardbreds, so that's how I got started. I use to live in NJ but moved because of being bullied because I was a "big girl". I currently own 5 horses: Zipper, Roxy, Chuck, Peanut, and Heather. All except Zipper and Heather are rescues from slaughter auctions and have been mostly trained by me. Zipper and I show HUS, Western Pleasure, and Showmanship. Roxy and I show in Pleasure Driving, Scurry, Halter and Showmanship. On the side, we work on liberty and I use her for lessons. Peanut and I do liberty and hopefully we can soon do some driving. Heather is a retired pacer and right now is just a pasture pet. Chuck and I do liberty and hopefully some western gaming soon."

"I use to work at a big horse barn but was bullied by the trainer and called a "sack of potatoes" since I was not skinny like all the other riders. So that's why I'm now a team member of The English Plus Sized Rider. We are basically a support group for anyone of any size, shape, color, gender, etc. I travel to many expos and events to spread the word about my rescued horses and EPSR ("English Plus Sized Rider"), and now I can spread the word about K and T. I love K and T because they are the only brand that holds together and is adjustable. I currently own a small livestock halter and a pair of gaming reins and they hold up like they are brand new!"

We are glad to have her on the team!