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Show Prep with Sponsored Rider Dalton Hauser

For this week's blog post, I contacted K and T's very own Dalton Hauser. She was generous enough to give me a few great tips for show prepping that will hopefully make your prep go a little smoother!

Make a list:

"To prep I always make a list of everything. Everytime. Lists are a life saver."

Lists are simple tools to help you keep (somewhat) organized as show day rolls around. It's great to laminate them or put them within a sheet protector to keep it clean and safe so you can pull it out as needed.

How to Pack:

"As for packing, I always take everything out of my tack box and then completely repack it. Normally some stuff is only used at home. I use a lot of those fabric grocery bags from food lion for my horse's blankets and feed. They're cheap and they do the job!"

This is a great, affordable hack for packing for shows. Don't forget to check local drug stores, dollar stores, or even home improvement stores for cheap storage ideas. Everyone functions differently ( I'm rather the "organized chaos" type) but make sure you take the time to assess your tack trunk and organize accordingly.

What to Wear:

"If it's an overnight show I bring my k and t banner for my horse, Rondo's, stall. My K and T halter & lead, and tons of sweatshirts are always packed with me because the weather can be crazy!"

Extra clothes are a no-brainer. The weather loves to throw curve balls, so remember to pack something adequate for any pop-up storms, cold air, etc. In the hassle of packing, this can sometimes be overlooked, but the only thing worse then being stressed and tired is stressed, tired, and uncomfortable.

Bonus tip:

"I live off of Vertrolin products to make my horse super clean and looking good!"

Dalton highly recommends Vertrolin's detangler gel for use on the tail. A little bit goes along way, and it always leaves her horse's tail soft, shiny, and smooth. Dalton also recommends their coat spray for an after-bath treatment!