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5 Hunting Dogs You've Never Heard Of

1. Bourbonnais Setter: The Bourbonnais Setter is a medium -sized gundog that originates from the French area of the same name. The Bourbonnais has a short coat with a range of coat patterns, and has the brains to be both an intelligent hunting partner and a great family dog.

2. PudelPointer: The PudelPointer is a rare breed associated with pointer breeds and the Poodle. It has a rugged appearance, and it's stamina and shaggy coat help the dog cope with all kinds of terrain.

3. Dupuy Setter: The Dupuy Setter is thought to be an ancient French breed although it's lineage is still heavily debated. The Dupuy Setter's tail is not docked, unlike many other gundogs. It is said that the Dupuy Setter is quick, keen, and obedient. Like other gundogs, the Dupuy Setter will need lots of brushing and just as much exercise.

4. Munsterlanders: The Munsterlanders (both large and small) are a breed of German origin. THe large Munsterlander exhibits the qualities of both a pointer and a setter, while the smaller Munsterlander is a newer breed developed by crossing the Brittany and German Long-haired Pointer.

5. Stabyhoun: Stayhouns are a relatively popular gundog in the Netherlands, their country of origin. However, I think it's safe to say that it's not really a common household dog breed here in the states. Like most gundogs, the Stayhoun is meadium sized and reaches about 44 pounds. The Stayhoun is an affectionate companion that is perfect for family and sport.