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Dogs. Canines. Pups. Doggos. You get the idea.

They have been some of our closest companions throughout history. They have served with us in times of war, peace, and everything in between. They also steal our food when we aren't looking.

Canines continue to actively serve within the work force (a more detailed account of our canine coworkers will be coming up, so stay tuned!) . However, some of us may find that our "working" breeds or "herding" breeds don't do a whole lot of working or herding. While this isn't always a bad thing, I've been struggling to find some sports or activities to keep my dogs from becoming too dependent on the couch.

As Halloween's approaching, I've also been mulling over some activities (except for the casual walk, of course) to go with the theme, "Trick-or-Treat".

Here's what I've come up with:

"Go Find it!"

If I remember right, I read about this game somewhere on the grand interwebs years ago. It's a game I continue to play with my dogs because it's both interesting and rewarding. To play, you just need the attention of your dog. Optimally, the dog should be able to play this game outside, or somewhere where there is plenty of room to run and sniff. Take some pieces of cooked chicken, sweet potato, or other dog treats with you. Then, command your dog to sit and stay. If there attention is not already on the food, then get it there. Once the dog is paying attention to the food, check to see if they are watching your movements. As soon as there total, undivided attention is on you, make them hold "stay" while you throw the treat (this is the hard part!!) in the direction of your choice. When you are content with their response, release your dog by saying, "Go Find It!". Your dog will likely sniff like a bloodhound until he finds his treat. Repeat only as long as your dog can comfortably handle the level of concentration required. Leave the game on a good note!!

I'm hoping to keep you updated every week with some fun games or sports that you can try out with your dog. Stay tuned!

Don't forget your leashes and collars from K and T!