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K and T Creations featured in Saddlebox

Horses are known for their ability to attract disaster. It’s not their fault, but by nature, they can be a bit clumsy. If you’ve spent any time around horses, you probably have found they have a way of mowing through treats, stepping on reins, and chewing on almost everything (It’s okay, we love ‘em anyway). But we’ve got a great suggestion that we think will help you out: Saddlebox.

You’ve probably heard or seen the growing trend of having products like food, books, and art supplies, etc shipped to your front door. Those are all wonderful products in their own right, but equestrians have found their source for all of their needs. Saddlebox is an incredible up-and-coming business that caters to you and your horse. They supply you with new, practical items every month, so you don’t have to worry about catching the next sale at the tack shop: they’ve got you covered!

Recently, Saddlebox has featured items like the Powerflex No Chew Bandage, Epona Products, several brands of some horse-friendly treats, and Leather Milk Saddle & Tack Salve. Each item is carefully reviewed and chosen for your monthly subscription, which is just the reason why we are proud to see our sporty hoof-pick featured in the next Saddlebox! If you’re curious to see how it works or learn more about this unique company, give them a look at:

If you’re interested to see what some of their previous boxes look like, you can watch the unboxing videos here.

We hope you’ll enjoy this company as much as we have, and don’t forget to check out the rest of K and T’s product line!