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Dedication to your Education Situation

This week, many elementary children, middle schoolers, junior highers, and high schoolers alike are facing the school year head on. Are you dreading it? Are you excited for it? A little bit of both? Neither? Overwhelmed? Perhaps a bit like you are going 60 mph straight into a brick wall?

Teachers, Mentors, and ultimately your Parent/Guardian are responsible for your education situation (<-- how cool does that sound?!). The reality of the situation is that the job of schooling and educating isn't their job: it's yours.

You get to decide what you learn. Watching, listening, or even participating in education activites may not be enough to learn the material on a critical level. You might have experienced this first-hand, but for those of you who haven't: learn from other's mistakes. Don't let yourself depend solely on your teacher to learn the material.

Discipline will be your frenemy. It will not be enjoyable. Many parties, friendly gatherings, and other fun events will be missed in order to attain a deep understanding of your school subjects. In return, however, your selection of available colleges, careers, and opportunities will increase. It may not be enjoyable now, or when you're studying for that math test (or ever, to be honest), but it does produce results.

To the equestrians, farmers, and really anyone who has gone through the grueling process of training and preparing an animal: the discipline is worth it.

Happy Schooling, y'all! We hope you're in it to learn it...whatever your situation is!