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Winter vs. Summer Riding

Yes. Let us discuss the many trials we face when riding. Do you want your hands frozen off or do you want to sweat through your favorite polo?


1. Hours of shoveling heavy snow/ice. Usually this results in aching muscles (assuming they aren’t already sore).

2. Blankets...lots and lots of blankies

3. Ripped/stomped on/ totally demolished blankets

4. Extra supplements, food, water, etc.

5. Slipping. On. Ice.

6. Water Buckets that have iced over…

7. A family of mice in the barn, probably.

8. Hands so numb it’s difficult to tack up, untack, or hold the reins.

9. Frozen hoses and pipes. This ailment usually leaves your hands numb or your clothes soaking wet..

10. Riding in 4+ layers of clothing and feeling like a marshmallow.


1. Sweating through your favorite shirts ( or breeches/tights)

*saddle, you're stuck to your saddle.

2. Sweaty tall boots.

3. Not riding because it feels like the Devil’s Sauna outside

4. The FLIES. Is there ever enough fly spray??

5. Droughts

6. When the drought finally breaks and you have to deal with the imminent muddy horses

7. Show cancellations because of inclement weather

8. Serious farmer tans

9. Sweaty palms

10. Getting a nice ride in, and then drinking so much water you think you might explode.

Happy Riding!