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Show Season: Best Foods

Oh yes. Deep-fried, oily, savory goodness.

As warm weather is right around the corner, show season approaches. Anyone who shows livestock or horses can relate to the thrill of showing their animals and all of their hard work. But let's not forget the best part...the food. Here at K and T, we enjoy a sparse meal composed of good ole' french fries and, uh, more french fries. So, we composed our favorite list of fair foods to bring some of the show season hype to you!

1. French Fries

You saw that one coming...

These beautifully cut potatoes make us happy. With their golden brown shells and warm chewy insides and just a pinch of salt, how can you resist? French fries are the perfect go-to snack as you take breaks between classes , and their many forms make them easy to hold while you walk the fairgrounds. Not to mention, their undying popularity makes them accessible from almost anywhere.

2. The Walking Taco

Crunchy and soft. Salty and sweet. The perfect in-between.

To whoever invented the walking taco, thank you. The walking taco is a mobile snack made to eat while you walk (obviously). It is usually composed of lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, meat, and any of your other favorite taco mix-ins all tossed together in a chip bag. Aw yeah.

3. Cheese Sticks

Cheese is likely the holy grail of fair food, so I guess deep-fried logs of cheese shouldn't be too much of a surprise. But that doesn't stop our amazement every time you take a bite out of that crunchy breaded shell and land into a mouthful of cheesy wonderfulness. It's really quite the treat for the taste buds.

4. Pizza

Okay, so...not very original but we don't care! Pizza is a few layers of nothing but carbs and whatever toppings you can concoct in your brain. But man oh man is it incredible. Whether you like it thick or thin, cheesy or so covered in toppings you can't even see the comes in almost any shape size, flavor, and thickness. Oh, and it also comes on a stick. Revolutionary.

5. Hot Pretzels with Cheese Sauce

Or, in the words of K and T's sponsored riders, "PRETZEL AND FREAKING CHEESE". Pretzels are typically made of sour dough that is buttered and baked until hot, soft, and golden brown. Pair those soft pretzels with a creamy cheese sauce and a pinch of salt and you've got yourselves a winner, kids. But it doesn't stop there. Pretzels can come in a variety of flavors like cheesy-jalapeno, cinnamon and sugar, and sour cream and onion...the list goes on. And with a smorgasbord of accommodating dips, you have endless combinations of flavors on show day. No wonder why it's so popular.

With that being said, we hope you are looking forward to show season as much as we are at K and T! Best of luck to you and bring on the french fries!