Our K and T Exclusives feature causes that we our passionate about. 


Featured in this set is a pair of reins, nylon halter, browband, lead rope, keychain, and hoofpick. If you are interested in additional items or don't want all of the items in your set, please order them as invidual items and just put "POW/MIA" as your color choice! You do get a deal and save a bit of money if you order it on this listing.


POW/MIA stands for prisoner of war/missing in action. My awareness set is for the lost, fallen, and stolen lives of soldiers and military members throughout the ages; I would love to represent the bravery of all militaries worldwide, but I will stick to US Flag to represent my nation. Along with my flag's colors, my products will mainly feature black, which is the ribbon and flag color for POW/MIA to represent mourning, and gold as an alternative to yellow (the support the troops ribbon). The reason for yellow being the US troop ribbon color actually stems from a song about a prisoner of war finally returning home, tying into the awareness theme perfectly. 

Ribbon colors/meanings are listed on Ribbons For A Reason. POW/MIA information, as well as a picture of the flag, can be found in a brochure on the Veterans of Foreign War website (vfw.org). Source about yellow support ribbons is an article from military1.com.

POW/MIA Awareness