Our K and T Exclusives feature causes that we our passionate about. 


Featured in this set is a pair of reins, nylon halter, lead rope, browband, and keychain.  If you are interested in additional items or don't want all of the items in your set, please order them as invidual items and just put "Mental Health Awareness" as your color choice! You do get a deal and save a bit of money if you order it on this listing.




Can you imagine what it's like to be upset even when in the best situation? To not think you're worth it? To be scared to go out into society? To be worried about everything? To go from a good mood to a bad mood without any warning? To have more then one voice in your head? To lose control of who you are? These signs are what some people battle every day as a part of their mental illness.

1 in 5 people are sufferers of a mental illness. Therefore, you're bound to know someone, who suffers. With so many disorders being identified including depression, the many types of anxiety, schizophrenia and more, sufferers are finding it easier to get help. However, many people are still not recognising the fact they could be experiencing a mental illness. 

Mental Health Awareness